Western International is an established company in the Vietnamese market. Founded by Mrs. Linda Nguyen, it has always been focused on the food sector. After many months of work and negotiations, we have expanded our business to the industrial food sector, where Western Technology was born.

From Western Technology we want to be part of the modernization of the Vietnamese agricultural industry, betting on a sector that is the economic engine of our country.

We are a world power in rice production and we need to modernize the industrial processes for processing the grain to be competitive in world markets.

Focused on the cereal post-harvest industry sector, Western Technology, after many months of work, has made a strong commitment:

  • Acquiring the rights and know-how of the “SAN JOSE” cereal dryers and their transport and elevation mechanizations,
  • Official agreement of support and professional collaboration from “YOURSILOENGINEER” and “YOURSILOCLEANING” that, with more than 25 years of experience in the storage and handling sector, we ensure that we offer the best and most complete service to our customers with professionals who are independent from the manufacturers and can adjust the services or products to the needs of our customers,
  • We are also an official authorized distributor of “SILO MASTER” in Vietnam,
  • We offer modular and portable solutions for the small businessman in factories of feed, seeds, milling, coffee, etc?
  • And we work with other mainly European manufacturers of world reference for cleaners, ship loaders and unloaders, milling, feed mills, etc… as well as auxiliary elements: grain coolers, fans, rice bran stabilizers, laboratory machinery, weighing scales, etc….
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In this way we want to offer our customers a complete “turnkey” experience, and that the customer can entrust their projects to a single supplier of machinery and services to offer the best solutions, based on our experience and the needs of our customers.

Acquiring the rights and Know-How to manufacture the machine, which is the “heart” and the main element of a cereal processing factory, the DRYER, allows us to have a European technology, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, to be able to manufacture it in our country based on European standards and thus offer our customers savings in logistics while maintaining European quality standards. In addition to giving business to the factories in Vietnam and boosting the growth of our country.

The agreement with YOURSILOENGINEER will allow us to manufacture many other components of your projects, which although designed in Europe under European laws and standards will be produced in our country under the supervision and control of YOURSILOENGINEER and WESTERN TECHNOLOGY.


Why was SAN JOSE the company chosen as a dryer manufacturer?

SAN JOSE is a second-generation Spanish family business with more than 40 years in the sector. Located in the southwest of Spain, where one of the largest rice fields in Europe is located, it has been a company that has evolved the technology of its rice drying systems in a much more special and dedicated way than other manufacturers. The close relationship they have with their customers, and the close monitoring they have of their machines, have allowed them over the years to achieve perhaps the most efficient industrial rice drying system we have found on the market.

That is why, as the main reason, we have considered it the best option for our market where rice is our “star cereal” par excellence.

To support our technology, Western Technology has signed as Executive Manager the co-owner of SAN JOSE, with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, expertise in project management, and knowledge of all the machinery that Western Technology is going to work with, so he will bring all his experience to our project so that our customers have a top-quality service in our country.