World-leading supplier in the grain cleaning industry


Throughout Southeast Asia, the degree of impurities in the grain arriving at the facilities is very high, in addition to a high moisture content. Both of these cause serious problems in the handling of the product:

  • High probability of blockages (damage to machinery, stopping the processing of the product for several hours/days, etc.).

  • And higher drying and handling costs (we are drying the grain and its impurities, losing efficiency in drying and we are handling and storing impurities that we do not need).

That is why Western Technology has chosen a world-leading supplier in the grain cleaning industry.

We have a wide range of options to suit the needs of our customers. From pre-cleaning for different needs before drying to cleaning after drying or fine cleaning before starting the milling or seed process.

The wide range of Western Technology screen cleaners ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops by removing undesired elements and potentially dangerous impurities with high precision. The efficient and gentle cleaning process ensures the quality and germinating capability of the seed by keeping the quantity of damaged and foreign seeds at an absolute minimum. The result is increased product value and higher earnings. The cleaners are available in various series with more than 30 different models with capacities from 1 t/h fine cleaning up to 450 t/h pre-cleaning.