Silos Auxiliar Equipment

“In order to minimize grain losses due to shrinkage inside Western Technology silos offers the following additional equipment:”

Product Overview:

Conditioning systems for harvested grain

The quality of the grains never improves during storage, but by means of good storage practices, it is possible to reduce quality losses to minimum levels, as well as guarantee their safety, care for the environment and protect workers’ health.

A good grain storage will depend on many factors, such as humidity and temperature of the grain, presence of insects, fungi, rodents, proper grain management, warehouse management and the equipment used by the farmer during harvest. Therefore, to minimize grain losses due to quality losses, YourSiloEngineer, based on its extensive experience in post-harvest practices, offers the following additional equipment with the silos.

What we do:

Aeration Systems

Grain Silo Monitoring

Emptying Sweepers

Special Unloading System for Silos and Vessels

Level Sensors

Inventory Management System