The quality of the grain is the main factor that will affect its value in the market, this quality is sensitive to all the post-harvest processes, such as drying, handling, storage, and milling, so high-tech machinery like the one Western Technology offers to their customers is the best option to obtain the highest quality in its final product.

Drying is the most important part of the grain processing industry.

  • If we do not dry it sufficiently, it will favor the development of insects and molds, which are very harmful to the grain.
  • If drying is not carried out correctly, it will damage the grain internally, causing a large amount of broken grain in the milling process.
  • Any delay in drying, incomplete drying, or uneven drying will cause very important qualitative and quantitative losses.
  • If drying is not done correctly, you will have losses no matter how good the storage is.

Yes, the dryer is the heart and soul of the industry and that is why we have chosen a supplier with long experience in rice drying and with a high-quality machine to offer the best technology to our customers.

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