Belt Conveyors

Process a wide range of cereals, seeds, legumes, and pellets

Product Overview:

Recommended for the smooth transport of bulk granular products, pellets, powder, etc… We have a wide range with yields from 50 to 4.000m3/h and with a maximum loading density of 850kg/m3.

They have been designed for continuous daily use. Their design and manufacture in galvanized steel quality S350GD with Z600 coating makes them very robust and allows them to process a wide range of cereals, seeds, legumes, and pellets.

We have different equipment and configurations that allow us to provide the most suitable solution for our customers:

  • Mobile tripper for intermediate unloading.
  • Reversible belt for left and right-hand operation.
  • Hoods to protect the conveyor from inclement weather.
  • Belt alignment sensors, rotation sensors, etc…
  • Intermediate section can be equipped with a tensioning system necessary for reversible conveyors or very long belts.