Compact Container Processing Plants

The first Plug and Play Plant in a Container

Fully tested and pre-assembled for shipment around the globe

Product Overview:

It is available in different setups:

  • Compact Seed Plant (Up to 5 tons/hour wheat input or 4 tons/hour barley)
  • Compact Maize Plant (Up to 2-3 tons/hour maize input or 0,8 tons/hour sunflower)
  • Compact Coffee Plant (Up to 2 tons/hour of green coffee input)
  • Flexible for Various products, we can customize to our clients’ needs.

As an option, Western Technology can supply a Power Diesel Generator, to serve the plant with electricity in remote areas.

Space required for plant and forklift handling. Minimum L27m x W 8m x H 8m for all our models.


Advantage of the System:

COMPACT: A fully equipped plant, pre-assembled in two tailor-made 40’ tall containers.

PRE-ASSEMBLED: Only in 3 days of installation time, guided by an on-site Western Technology supervisor.

PRE-TESTED: Plant performance is tested directly with your products before shipping.


LEASE-READY: Fulfills all the requirements for leasing so you can start the plant and maintain financial flexibility.


Highlights of key success factors:

Minimize Risk. Maximize Return.

  • Flexibility (customized solutions suitable for a wide variety of products, including grain, seed, maize, coffee and pulses)
  • Just-in-time productivity (ready to operate in a few days thanks to our fully pre-assembled and tested solution).
  • Competitive Costs with quick return on investment (expand into new markets and minimize building cost).
  • Customized Solution (we can tailor the plant to meet your unique needs)
  • Simple Electrical Installation (The plant is totally pre-wired with only a few connections to be completed on-site).
  • Easy to use (Western Technology team is with you every step of the way -from on-site training to remote support for the life of your plant).
  • Simple Maintenance (minimum downtime for maintenance operations. Spare parts package and user manual included).
  • Quick Cleaning (Central vacuum system included for easy cleaning of the entire plant and genuine handling of seed)