Silo Accessories

“To facilitate the use of the silo according your needs, configure the silo with the accessories at your disposal.”

Product Overview:

All silos supplied by Western Technologies can be supplied with the following accessories:

  • Silo lining for roof, cylinder and hopper.
  • Vertical ladder from the ground to roof eaves with safety cage and rest platforms (according to the norm).
  • Roof ladder with handrail.
  • Eave walk around platform with handrails.
  • Spirals stairs.
  • Eave handrail.
  • Eave platform.
  • Access ladder to catwalk from eaves platform.
  • Catwalk access gate (self-closing).
  • Roof inspection door including security grid.
  • Level sensor and temperature cables supports.
  • Access door in the cylinder, located in the 2nd ring or above the natural grain slope (as required). Available in standard version and easy access version (double height).
  • Inner ladder.
  • Auxiliary maintenance door.
  • Aeration roof vents.
  • Lateral gravity discharge
  • Grain fall speed reducer