Customer Service

Customer service is fundamental in the relationship with our clients, that is why we work and focus our business on a very close client-supplier relationship in which our clients can feel comfortable and confident that they have chosen the best team to execute and keep their project running.

After-Sales Service

It is one of the most demanded services by customers. Western Technology has a 24h customer service during the campaign. If you have a problem, you detail it in writing and send all the necessary information to solve it and we will attend you within 24 hours to minimize your downtime.

Spare parts

In the quotations to our customers, we provide as an option a list of the components that may be most in need of replacement due to wear and tear or deterioration due to clogging, to have spare parts on site in case they are necessary during the campaign, when time always works against us.

We can also provide our customers with an optional quotation for the shipment of basic tools for the assembly of silos, dryers, etc… so that they can be sure that the assembly company has the appropriate material for their work.


We have a preventive or corrective maintenance service, at the end of the campaign and/or at the beginning of the campaign, ensuring that failures are minimized during the working periods of the harvest season.

We follow the protocols of the manufacturers so that there is specific maintenance, we clean your installations so that they last longer, and we do not have problems due to germination, dirt, clogging, etc…

Hire your service and you will not have to worry about proper maintenance. It is fully customizable to our customers.

Benefits of Service:

  • Regular replacement of wearing parts to ensure long lifetime and to avoid unnecessary production shutdown.
  • Optimization of equipment and plant performance.
  • Maximizing profit by minimizing downtime.
  • Reducing energy consumption and impact on the environment.
  • Education and training of staff members.
  • Consultation of skilled service engineers with in-depth hands-on experience.